Our Services

We pride ourselves on meeting the unique challenges of our diverse clients. No two marina projects are alike, but they all require something extra, be it a new marina, the re-design of an older marina to fit today’s boating sizes, or re-floating a marina on styrofoam with encapsulated floats. Our services span most types of floating dock repair, emergency storm repair, replacement, re-floating and most renovations.


Redesign or Refurbish Your Marina


Many of the older marinas have slips that do not match today’s boat sizes. MDI has the engineering expertise and the knowledge of all pre-manufactured systems to redesign the slips into usable sizes based on customer needs. This can generally be accomplished at a considerable savings versus new replacement.



Refloat Your Sagging Docks


Older marinas that were originally installed utilizing white Styrofoam are now facing code requirements or deteriorating capacity that make it mandatory to replace with new encapsulated floats. MDI has been doing this for the past 10 years with remarkable speed while maintaining a level freeboard.