Our Services

We pride ourselves on meeting the unique challenges of our diverse clients. No two marina projects are alike, but they all require something extra, be it a new marina, the re-design of an older marina to fit today’s boating sizes, or re-floating a marina on styrofoam with encapsulated floats. Our services span most types of floating boat dock repair, emergency storm repair, replacement, re-floating and most renovations.



New Marinas

Floating boat docks are our specialty and we have decades of experience with all types. We provide design and engineering for your new project or work with your architect or engineers to define goals and meet your design, financial and timing objectives. We have never missed a deadline we have committed to meet. MDI can provide selected or turn-key services including analysis and recommendations, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repair for new or existing marinas in the contiguous 48 states.

Municipal Pump Stations

pump-station-platformMDI will engineer, design, manufacture and install complete pump stations to engineering specifications provided. We work closely with many engineering companies, individual engineers and municipalities across the country. We have the experience and expertise to offer the turn-key services, which are 100% guaranteed to be on time and on budget.




Marina, Dock and Floating Building Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs are generally required after damage has occurred from some form of storm, extreme weather event or boating accident. MDI can repair most floating boat docks regardless of age or design and will respond with on-site evaluation within hours of the first call for help. Our inspections will be performed by an officer of the company that will oversee the project from start to finish. We know the importance of being on time and on budget in the marina business.

Occasionally, modifications or replacements are necessary to meet the needs and demands of busy marinas. Damaged frames, deck panels or roofing can usually be fixed with little delay. Anchoring adjustments in certain environmental conditions may also be needed. We are here for you to provide the expertise and experience when and where you need it.




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